Maintain your Company’s corporate “Good Standing” with Secretaries of State across the nation!

Outsourced Corporate Compliance Services

If you are forming a business and know the type of corporation and state of formation most suitable to your immediate and long-term objectives, The Commpliance Group can incorporate your business and register it in the required jurisdictions easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

In order to conduct business in a state, companies must either incorporate as a domestic company in that state or register as a foreign company with the specific Secretary of State.  Each registration is accompanied by a filing fee.  We offer incorporation and corporate registration services with the Secretaries of State in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.  These services include:

  • Incorporation of Domestic Corporation and formation of Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Registration of Foreign Corporations to transact business and registration of Foreign LLCs to transact business

If you are uncertain about consequences of forming various types of corporations – C-Corp, S-Corp, or Limited Liability Company (LLC) – or operating under the laws of a particular state, you may require legal counsel, which is always available through The Commpliance Group and its affiliation with the legal professionals at The CommLaw Group.

Additional corporate compliance services include:

  • Internal Compliance Audits
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Name availability searches, when required by your state
  • Federal Tax or Employer ID Number (EIN) Registration

We also manage all reporting requirements mandated by the Secretaries of State from the states in which you conduct business for purposes of maintaining your corporate qualifications.  Typical reports required by Secretaries of State include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Annual List of Officers & Directors

By working with us, you can rest assured that you have partnered with a firm that can provide professional assistance in every area of corporate services, and that understands and is consistent with your business objectives. Know that your corporate filings and reports will be prepared accurately and efficiently – every time!  The Commpliance Group has the knowledge, experience and ability to provide personalized attention and the right options and solutions to help your business outpace its competition!

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