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CereTax is a cutting-edge sales tax automation platform designed to meet the needs of businesses facing challenges with legacy systems in terms of speed, scalability, dependability, and throughput. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, the company focuses on automating the sales tax process through advanced technology that supports hyper-scaling, provides granular visibility into analytics, and reduces demands on IT teams.

The platform simplifies tax compliance for businesses of all sizes by offering real-time tax calculation, integration with business financial systems, and management of global VAT and GST. CereTax’s solution is especially suitable for complex industries that require precise and efficient handling of tax calculations across multiple jurisdictions.

CCH SureTax provides real-time, accurate tax calculation and report solutions. With industry specific taxability content and rules, CCH SureTax supports the most complex sourcing and tax calculation rules found in communications, energy and general sales and use. provides sophisticated billing-as-a-service (BaaS) to communications companies, IoT companies, and technology service providers. enables clients managing sophisticated subscription billing models with the industry’s most complete quote-to-cash financial processing experience to effectively manage end customers’ subscriptions, usage, taxation, billing, and payment processing.

SaaS Telecom Billing for MSPs: Datagate is the online billing portal that integrates with software that’s important to MSPs, including ConnectWise and other PSA software, tax engines and popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero. Datagate enables MSPs to automate the rating and billing of all telecommunications services.

OneBill is more than a billing platform. It’s an end-to-end revenue management tool to power your business.

Subsentio is a trusted third party service bureau that helps telecommunications carriers and Internet providers meet their law enforcement assistance obligations. We provide our clients with the technical solutions needed to comply with their lawful electronic surveillance requirements.
GDPR365 compliance software was developed to simplify and provide collaborative GDPR compliance. Organisations must not only comply. They must be able to demonstrate their compliance. GDPR365 was built in response to the regulation’s requirements.
Advanced Technologies & Services, Inc. (ATS) is the world leader for telecommunications and cable data analytics, network integrity, and revenue assurance. ATS has extensive experience in regulatory and litigation support including data analysis, consulting, compliance support, and court room subject matter expertise.

Regulatory Solutions, Inc. (RSI) specializes in providing detailed and reliable FCC report filings. They offer a comprehensive service that includes the use of advanced software tools, high-resolution terrain data, and clutter analysis to produce accurate, defensible FCC reports. Their services are particularly geared towards ensuring compliance with FCC regulations, crucial for obtaining grant money and maintaining legal standing.

RSI supports their clients through a streamlined online workflow automation process, which guides users in gathering all necessary information for successful report submission. This process ensures that reports are not only complete but also timely.

Their team consists of certified, licensed professional engineers who utilize the latest analytical tools to create detailed mappings essential for accurate reporting. Moreover, RSI stands behind the data provided, ready to defend it and address any FCC challenges on behalf of their clients, ensuring a robust support system throughout the regulatory compliance process.

TaxConnex offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help businesses manage their sales and use tax obligations efficiently. Their services are designed to handle the complexities of tax compliance across various jurisdictions, ensuring that all filings are accurate and timely. Key services include: Return Preparation and Filing, Sales Tax Nexus Management, and Exemption Certificate Management. Their services cater to a range of industries including telecom, retail, and e-commerce, providing tailored solutions that consider the specific tax challenges and requirements of each sector. With a promise to take the entire burden of sales tax management off their clients’ plates, TaxConnex is a comprehensive partner in sales tax compliance.

Sandy Beaches Software, based in Oklahoma City, has been supporting the growth and profitability of competitive telecom companies since 1989. The company offers a comprehensive telecom billing and customer care solution called IntegriBill, which is designed to cater to telecommunications companies handling multiple carriers, products, and switch types. This platform enables the creation of convergent invoices, ensuring compliance with taxing authorities and preventing overcharging on telecom taxes.

The company’s offerings include advanced features like custom invoice creation, E911 calculation, tax calculation, and electronic invoice delivery. They also provide services like user-defined service bundles, white label billing, and credit card management with tokenization. Sandy Beaches Software prides itself on its affordability and reliability, providing a cost-effective solution with no onboarding fees or mandatory monthly minimums, alongside unlimited customer support and free upgrades​ (IntegriBill)​​ (IntegriBill)​.

Compliance & Market Intelligence
Access Partnership’s Compliance & Market Intelligence (CMI) team has unparalleled experience in gaining access to established and emerging markets for technologies. Our clients come from a broad range of sectors, including network operators, investment banks, hardware manufacturers, cloud service providers, content providers, regulators, governments, industry associations, law firms – and even a Formula One team.For each, we devise strategies to overcome technical, regulatory and political barriers in more than 200 jurisdictions. We are adept at obtaining licences or exemptions – or helping your teams to do so – for the lowest cost and with the minimum management.

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We provide a range of services to enable the efficient rollout of new services. From establishing new regulations and compliance with existing rules to project management, we deliver on time and to budget. Daily engagement with governments allows us to track regulatory shifts around the world that could affect client business; our market analysis enables us to create tailored monitoring services for each client.

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