Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new development announcement about?
We are excited to announce the merging of AccuCompliance (Federal compliance) and CommTrack$ (State compliance) into a single, unified system called AccuCompliance. This streamlines access to all regulatory and compliance services by The Commpliance Group.

When will this change take effect?

How do I access the new system?
All users will now log in to the new single sign-on system: AccuCompliance. The previous CommTrack$ login functionality has been disabled and will automatically redirect to the new AccuCompliance login page.

What happens to my existing AccuCompliance user account?
Existing AccuCompliance users can continue using their current login credentials. For those who also has a CommTrack$ account, it has been linked to your existing AccuCompliance account, ensuring full access to all services without the need to create a new account. 

What if I only had a CommTrack$ account?
If you only had a CommTrack$ account, an AccuCompliance account has been created using the email address associated with your CommTrack$ account. Use the “Forgot Password” link to set your AccuCompliance password for initial access.

How do I navigate the new system?
Upon login, you’ll see a landing page outlining two functionalities: FCC Compliance and State Compliance. FCC Compliance directs you to the AccuCompliance app with familiar features. State Compliance takes you to the former CommTrack$ application.

Will there be any changes to the functionalities?
Both FCC and State Compliance sections will retain their previous functionalities. The only change is the addition of a temporary navigation bar for seamless switching between the Federal and State sections.

What benefits does the new system offer?
The single sign-on system ensures uninterrupted continuity in business operations and provides a modernized, unified service experience. Additionally, the platform is significantly more intuitive and user-friendly.

Streamlined Regulatory and Compliance Services with AccuCompliance

Your unified solution for Federal and State Compliance. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple systems with our streamlined, single sign-on platform. Simplify your regulatory journey and access comprehensive commpliance services effortlessly, all in one place.

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