Marsha Pokorny

Managing Consultant

Ms. Pokorny is a Managing Consultant at The Commpliance Group.

With twenty-seven (27) years of telecommunications experience, Marsha brings an extensive background in diverse areas to The Commpliance Group’s clients. Prior to joining The CommLaw Group as a Consultant, Marsha served as the regulatory affairs manager for a long distance reseller, CLEC, operator services provider and billing aggregator for the past twelve (12) years. In this role, she was responsible for managing all aspects of regulatory and compliance for the company’s operations as well providing comprehensive guidance on regulatory requirements that affected the company’s billing division and billing carriers. In addition, Marsha previously provided ad hoc and contracted regulatory consulting services across a broad spectrum of the telecommunications industry where she developed a strong understanding of the regulatory processes and requirements and fostered profound working relationships with key staff at every Utility Commission in the nation.  During her many years in the industry, Marsha gained operations experience with oversight of billing, maintenance, and provisioning issues, including circuit migrations for divested operations for six (6) of the top business clients of a prominent long distance carrier.  Marsha’s background encompasses Lifeline wireless ETC obligations, regulatory accounting, access tariff management, regulatory complaint management and industry relations.

Marsha provides regulatory reporting and compliance services to telecommunications companies seeking to outsource the tedious and time-consuming, but necessary, task of maintaining regulatory compliance through the tracking, completion and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and payment of fees, and contributions mandated by the various federal and state regulatory agencies, including the FCC, all 50 state utility commissions.

  • Administration of FCC and state public utility authorizations, registrations and compliance reporting obligations for local, long distance, inmate, operator and pre-paid telecom services.
  • Providing initial tariffs as needed in Applications for Certification.
  • Developing a comprehensive Lifeline wireless ETC compliance reporting process and tracking matrices.
  • Managing wholesale carrier compliance with service, billing, posting, branding and tariff requirements.
  • Ensuring compliance with all new and existing regulations as put forth by the state utility commissions and the Federal Communications Commission to ensure understanding and compliance in all areas of operations.
  • Compliance with various filing requirements in all jurisdictions.
  • Maintaining communication with all commissions to clarify and/or remedy any changes as specified by each commission.
  • Discovery tracking and coordination during two major ILEC rate increase proceedings before state agencies.
  • Developing regulatory resources by researching and documenting the various state regulations.
  • Completion and filing of regulatory reports and quality of service reports as required by specific state agencies.
  • Regulatory guidance to billing divisions.
  • Investigation and response to civil and regulatory subpoenas regarding requests for telecommunications and billing records.
  • Preparation and production of documents under subpoena for regulatory agency and advocacy staff review.
  • Corporate regulatory review identifying and analyzing regulatory gaps and exposure, including assessment of regulatory status and steps to eliminate regulatory concerns.
  • Preparing and filing of access tariffs as well as overhaul of company tariffs to bring them into standard format, rates, service structure and compliance with web posting requirements.
  • Providing for and maintaining a tariff library.

A graduate of Nova University, Marsha earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Management. 

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