Prepare for a Regulatory Audit with Advice from Experts at The CommLaw Group


At The CommLaw Group, we regularly represent communications companies facing a federal or state-level regulatory compliance audit. So we asked our experts from the Audit Defense Team at The CommLaw Group, who have defended countless clients facing regulatory audits, for their advice on the regulatory audit process.

In a new publication out today, our experts share their advice, answering questions such as:

  • What is a “successful” audit?
  • What issues do regulatory auditors analyze?
  • What are the consequences of audit outcomes?
  • What are auditors looking for when they scrutinize claimed exemptions?
  • What is the value of working with an experienced attorney knowledgeable about the audit defense process?

To learn more, download our new publication.

If your company is audited, or if you are looking to prepare for the inevitable audit letter, our firm stands ready to assist. The Audit Defense Team at The CommLaw Group is experienced in defending clients in the regulatory audit context. We understand the nuances of regulatory audits, and we are experienced in working with our clients and with auditors toward a positive audit result.

If you receive an audit letter, or if you have any questions about the audit process, please contact Allison Rule at or (703) 714-1312, Jackie Neff at or (703) 714-1314, or Linda McReynolds at or (703) 714-1318.

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