New Mexico Utility Commission Orders Service Providers to Submit Information on State USF


A New Mexico Public Regulation Commission hearing examiner has directed carriers contributing to the New Mexico Universal Service Fund to provide additional information and clarification on communications connections to determined next steps on regulations. The request has a broad reach – requiring information from any carrier that provides any intrastate retail public telecommunications services.

Service providers operating in New Mexico are ordered to provide the following information:

  • Information on the number of “voice-enabled” telephone access lines” served by your company
  • Information on any “wireless voice connections” served by your company with notation on any overlap between wireless voice connections and any other subcategory of communication
  • Information on any “unique voice over internet protocol service connections” and any uncertainties and/or overlap with other communication connections
  • Recommendations for the Commission on other numerical values in this category, as well as information on “other uniquely identifiable function equivalent” communications on the aforementioned categories
  • Exact numerical values to the best of your ability on the total number of “communication connections”

While the Commission acknowledges some assumptions must be made in giving this analysis, they request specifics on what has been assumed for each category. Participants may request confidential status on some of their information, but it will still be accessible by the Commission Staff, Solix, Inc., and the Commission’s Office of General Counsel. Additional rules and procedures have been mandated in order to receive confidential status.

In response to this, the staff and fund administrator(s) may additionally file supplemental information. This must include:

  • Any concerns raised by the information provided by the contributing carriers and any inaccuracies
  • Recommendations to the Commission specifically concerning “other uniquely identifiable function equivalent” communication connections
  • Identification of additional information that should be included by the contributing carriers
  • Identification of any carriers who have failed to respond
  • Recommendations on how to proceed with regulation
  • Any other relevant information and recommendations

If your Company is operating in New Mexico, we urge you to contact us to obtain additional information related to the hearing examiner’s order and to determine whether you must comply.  Please contact Jonathan Marashlian at

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