NTIA Extends IoT Comment Deadline to June 2, 2016


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”) tweeted today that the deadline for submitting comments on issues raised in its Request for Public Comment  has been extended to June 2, 2016. As delineated in our previous advisory dated April 11, 2016, NTIA is seeking input from all interested stakeholders on how to facilitate implementation of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). 

In order to prepare a “green paper” that will be considered by a number of federal agencies that are responsible for promulgating policy and rules on IoT, NTIA seeks comments on the following issues:

How should IoT be defined?  The explicit wording of a universally accepted IoT definition will determine how IoT will be taxed and regulated. 

Laws, Regulations and Polices.  NTIA seeks comments on current or planned laws, regulations or policies that foster IoT development. 

Interoperability.  NTIA seeks comment on specific interoperability issues that are of concern to stakeholders and how they might best be remedied.  

Standards.  NTIA requests information on appropriate standards and best practices for IoT implementation.

Spectrum Allocation.  NTIA seeks comments on spectrum usage and allocation (licensed or unlicensed spectrum), equipment authorization, and related issues that could help mitigate spectrum scarcity and interference problems.

Infrastructure.  Comments are sought on matters pertaining to:  (a) IoT’s effects on infrastructure architecture, business models and stability; and (b) local governments’ roles in implementing small cells and DAS. 

Economy.  NTIA seeks comments on how the government should quantify the IoT sector and the impact of IoT on industrial practices.

Cybersecurity.  NTIA wants stakeholders to comment on:  (a) their most important IoT cybersecurity issues; (b) how they may different from other cybersecurity issues; and (c) what actions the federal government should take regarding policies and/or standards in regards to IoT cybersecurity.

Privacy.  NTIA seeks comments on privacy concerns specifically raised by IoT, and how they are different from other privacy concerns. 

Economic Equity.  NTIA asks for information on how IoT could potentially help disadvantaged communities or groups. 

International Engagement.  NTIA seeks comments on: (a) factors NTIA should consider in international engagement, e.g., standards and specific organizations, bilateral and multilateral engagement, and industry alliances; (b) Internet governance issues; (c) factors that could impede the growth of IoT outside the U.S., e.g., data or service localization or other barriers to trade; and (d) how the U.S. government should address these matters.

Any stakeholder that wishes to influence how IoT will be implemented should participate in this proceeding.  The CommLaw Group has been following this proceeding very closely.  We have IoT specialists that are available to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact Ronald E. Quirk, Jr. at req@commlawgroup.com or 703-714-1305 for additional information.

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