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Over the years, many clients have come to know The CommLaw Group as the law firm they turn to first, whenever a regulatory issue arises.  We‘ve become trusted advisors on all matters regulatory, whether before the Federal Communications Commission or the multitude of state & local governmental agencies with jurisdiction over your communications business.  We appreciate your loyalty, faith, and trust in our expert professional guidance in these areas.

But did you know we are more than just a regulatory law firm?  Take a moment to learn about our…

Intellectual Property & Technology Practice

Your company’s name, logo, slogan, secrets and product trade dress are essential to growth in this increasingly global marketplace.  The CommLaw Group realizes the value in these assets and will work tirelessly to protect your valued intellectual property, defend against baseless claims and prosecute instances of unlawful appropriation and piracy.

The CommLaw Group provides services that protect your brand, your secrets, your ideas and your services.

We recognize that protection of intellectual property rights is crucial in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven global economy. Our approach to intellectual property focuses on both securing and protecting our clients’ valuable rights and providing clients with the legal resources to exploit those rights.  Our attorneys and consultants can help protect your priceless intellectual property including:

Trademark, Trade Dress and Brand Protection

“Imitation is the strongest form of flattery” … but imitation can be costly!

With success in your branding comes the potential for competitors to unlawfully “imitate” or copy your intellectual property.  Failure to properly register and maintain trademarks and trade dress can result in a loss of intellectual property rights, ultimately exposing a company to needless financial losses.

The CommLaw Group can help secure your rights and assist and help you plan for infringement and defend against intrusion.

Availability Searches. 

We often assist clients in not only serving cease and desist letters to potential infringers but also defending against  demands that they cease and desist the use of their mark or logo.  In most cases, the defense of these situations could have been avoided if a  knock-out/preliminary availablity search or full availability opinion was conducted.  These searches and opinions can be done on an expedited basis if needed and will provide you with the security needed when choosing a name, logo or slogan.

Monitoring Services. 

Once you’ve chosen your mark and secured your rights through registration it is important that you enforce and police your rights.  The USPTO will not do this for owners of marks.  It is up to you to keep watch.  We can monitor the marketplace as well as federal and state trademark databases for you and notify you if a potentially infringing mark is applied for or otherwise used in commerce and advise what enforcement steps are appropriate.

Copyright Protection and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) Compliance

The CommLaw Group’s attorneys handle every aspect of copyright management, including preparation of copyright registration materials, drafting software licensing and development agreements, and enforcement of current copyrights against potential infringers.  We possess expert knowledge in cutting edge copyright issues such as enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), liability of ISPs and fair use arguments in a digital environment.  In addition to DMCA compliance, we will defend you against false infringement claims.

Trade Dress/Design Patents

Protecting your brand includes protecting the look and feel of your product.  Our attorneys have represented innovative, design-driven companies in the prosecution of design patent applications in the U.S. and around the world and worked to enforce their protected designs and trade dress. We are sensitive to the fact that in any industry in which a product’s launch is followed closely by imitations,meaning timing is of the essence, and expedited processing is an important result to which we are dedicated.

Unfortunately, even the registration of your rights does not guarantee that a competitor or even unwitting infringer will improperly mimic your proprietary assets.  However, if you are the unfortunate target of an unlawful act, we can guarantee to provide you with an immediate, targeted response.  When necessary, we will zealously prosecute your rights to stop an unscrupulous copyist, be it through cease and desist letters, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions or lawsuits.  And when necessary, we will work with the U.S. Customs Office and other officials to seize and destroy counterfeit goods.

The CommLaw Group provides a one-stop-shop offering efficient, comprehensive solutions for all types of  intellectual property issues

From local, state, federal and world-wide registration to complex issues relating to the maintenance and defense of your intangible assets, The CommLaw Group is ready to serve your Intellectual Property needs.

Meet our Practice Leader!

Jane Wagner practices primarily in the areas of telecommunications, litigation and intellectual property law. Ms. Wagner assists clients with a broad range of intellectual property matters. She has significant experience counseling companies and individuals with respect to the development, production, procurement, advancement and exploitation of technology, information, brands and artistic creations. She provides clients global trademark and copyright management, including U.S. and non-U.S. prosecution, maintenance, searching, clearance and enforcement of their IP rights. Throughout her career, she has provided strategic business assessment on IP rights to leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, financial service organizations, noted research institutions and private and public companies in all major technology fields.  Jane delivers “partner” service for the price of an associate attorney ($300 hourly rate).

Ms. Wagner was a legal fellow with the Public Defender’s Office for the City of Alexandria. Following law school, Ms. Wagner served as a judicial clerk for the Honorable F. Bruce Bach, Chief Judge of the 19th Circuit in Virginia. While clerking, Ms. Wagner worked on a variety of state civil and criminal matters. Prior to joining The CommLaw Group, Ms. Wagner was a commercial litigator at McGuire Woods and Cooley Godward.

If you have questions about Intellectual Property & Technology matters or are simply interested in learning more about this rapidly growing practice area, please contact Jane Wagner at or 703-714-1321.

DID YOU KNOW?   We are more than just your Regulatory Law Firm…

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