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We are more than just your Regulatory Law Firm…

Over the years, many clients have come to know The CommLaw Group as the law firm they turn to first, whenever a regulatory issue arises.  We’ve become trusted advisors on all matters regulatory, whether before the Federal Communications Commission or the multitude of state & local governmental agencies with jurisdiction over your communications business.  We appreciate your loyalty, faith and trust in our expert professional guidance in these areas.

But did you know we also provide a wide variety of Intellectual Property services?  We even provide basic trademark and copyright services at predictable rates which compare favorably to LegalZoom’s.  Ask us for a Menu of Trademark Services and Fees.

Through a series of e-mail advisories The CommLaw Group will be introducing you to some of our other, lesser known Practice Areas, competencies and skills.  We will also introduce you to the distinguished professionals leading these Practice Areas and share with you representative examples of our many achievements assisting clients with legal matters outside our traditional regulatory core.  We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of our firm’s experience. 


Our experienced attorneys, consultants and staff can help guide you through the minefield of Intellectual Property law.  We offer a variety of legal services within the realm of Intellectual property, including:

  • Advising clients regarding the selection, adoption and maintenance of trademarks worldwide.
  • Guiding clients through a web of laws associated with trademark acquisition and maintenance.
  • Policing clients’ trademarks for possible infringement, fighting counterfeiting of trademarks, and defending against claims of infringement.
  • Protecting clients’ valued business interests in product names, logos and slogans.
  • Securing clients’ rights of publicity and guarding against trademark dilution, false advertising, defamation, unfair competition and trade dress claims.
  • Promoting growth through increased brand loyalty.
  • Enforcing U.S. design patents, securing the cessation of copyists through negotiation and judicial processes.
  • Preparing original U.S. applications and handling counterpart applications with intellectual property offices around the world.
  • Assisting with seizure and destruction of counterfeit goods.

Why might you need Intellectual Property lawyers?

Your company’s product names, logos, slogans and product trade dress are essential to growth in an increasingly global marketplace.  Competing with established competitors often requires you to effectively publicize your products and services to create brand loyalty and build solid reputations in the industry.  And, with increased growth comes heightened exposure to threats of imitation and usurpation of valuable intangible assets.

Our firm realizes the value in these assets and will work tirelessly to protect your valued intellectual property, defend against baseless claims and prosecute instances of unlawful appropriation and piracy.  We can handle most trademark, design patent and copyright issues ranging from simple acquisition to complex litigation.

Non-compliance can be costly.

We’re sure you’ve heard the timeless phrase, “Imitation is the strongest form of flattery.”  And, with success in your branding comes the potential for competitors to unlawfully “imitate” or copy your intellectual property.  Failure to properly register and maintain trademarks and trade dress can result in a loss of intellectual property rights, ultimately exposing a company to needless financial losses.

The CommLaw Group can help secure your rights and assist and help you plan for infringement and defend against intrusion.

We can’t guarantee safe haven from the infringement of your rights, but we can help guard against intrusions and zealously prosecute the unauthorized use of your assets.

Unfortunately, registering your rights does not guarantee that a competitor or even unwitting infringer will improperly mimic your proprietary assets.  However, if you are the unfortunate target of an unlawful act, we can guarantee to provide you with an immediate, targeted response.  When necessary, we will zealously prosecute your rights to stop an unscrupulous copyist, be it through cease and desist letters, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions or lawsuits.  And when necessary, we will work with the U.S. Customs Office and other officials to seize and destroy counterfeit goods.

The CommLaw Group is a one-stop-shop offering efficient, comprehensive solutions for complex intellectual property issues

From local, state, federal and world-wide registration to complex issues relating to the maintenance and defense of your intangible assets, our firm offers long-term comprehensive solutions for a full range of Intellectual Property needs. We can structure a protection plan, devise defense strategies and ensure continued compliance with applicable rules and laws for maximum performance from your assets.  You need look no further as our firm provides a complete suite of tools to assure continued vitality of your Intellectual Property, and thereby your entire business.  We serve as a one-stop shop for your Intellectual Property needs.

Visit our website or contact the attorney assigned to your account for more information regarding our firm’s Intellectual Property Practice and the range of services we offer.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING DISCLAIMER: This information may be considered advertising in some jurisdictions under the applicable law and ethical rules. The determination of the need for legal services and the choice of a lawyer are extremely important decisions and should not be based solely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers

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